Goblin supports German and English language. I will add more information later.



I think I do no need to comment MacMahon and Swith system.

Goblin behaves like MacMahon except for a different scoring strategy. I you win a game and won the previous game also, you will earn as many points as for the previous game plus a little bonus (default is 0.1 points). If you did not win the previous game you will get 1 point. Lost games are scored similar: first defeat scores 0 points, immediatly following defeats score -0.1, -0.2, etc. Jigo counts 0.5 points allways.

In Hahn system scoring depends on exact game result:

Winning my 40.5 points or more1.0
Winning by 30.5 to 40 points0.9
Winning by 20.5 to 30 points0.8
Winning by 10.5 to 20 points0.7
Winning by 0.5 to 10 points0.6
Jigo 0.5
Loosing by 0.5 to 10 points 0.4
Loosing by 10.5 to 20 points 0.3
Loosing by 20.5 to 30 points 0.2
Loosing by 30.5 to 40 points 0.1
Loosing by 40.5 or more 0.0

In one of the next version you will find an option for counting by single points, so scoring step is 0.001.