To run Goblin you will need Java SE Runtime Environment 6 (JRE 6).

Type Size
Windows-Setup 3.3 MB
platform independend (Zip) 3.3 MB


Version from 2009/11/18

  • FIX: Swap colors in a game
  • FIX: Export to xml

Version from 2009/07/01

  • FIX: Renumber boards

Version from 2009/04/19

  • CSV import with new dialog to setup format
  • Highlight opponents of selected player in ranking table
  • Activate a preliminart registered player with one click
  • Pairing algorithm now uses JICOS implementation
  • Default mode is MacMahon
  • Updated URL of EGF player list
  • Suppress pausing players in pairing list wall list
  • Jigo can be result without fight
  • Creating game without fight removes player from list of pausing players
  • Improved look an speed of user interface of Goblin
  • FIX: changing number of rounds produces errors
  • FIX: format of EGF result list
  • FIX: error when selecting a round not paired yet