Goblin is a program to manage Go tournaments. First it was designed to support Go to Innovation. The tournament rules for the first "Go to Innovation" tournament were called Goblin. You can decide whether the rules a named for the software or the software is named for the rules. With Version the support for the Goblin tournament system was removed from Goblin.

Goblin supports MacMahon, Swizz and Hans tournament system.



Nov. 18, 2009
Published version
Jul. 01, 2009
Published version
Apr. 19, 2009
Published version
Nov. 21, 2007
Published version
Nov. 13, 2007
Published version
Nov. 12, 2007
Published version
May 29, 2007
Published version
August 25, 2006
Changed "Welcome" page
June 28, 2006
Published release candidate 2
June 8, 2006
Published release candidate 1 (incl. support for English language)
Mai 1, 2006
Published beta 5
Nov. 27, 2005
Published beta
Sep. 28, 2005
Rating system for "Go to Innovation 2005"
Apr. 21, 2005
Version published
- suspending a round is considered as jigo
- pairing algorithm modified

Preview on future development
Nov. 11, 2004
English translation published
Nov. 07, 2004
You can find the Goblin file for latest torunament at Orbis in the download section.
Nov. 04, 2004
Introduced reduced handicap and use of opponent score for ranking
Oct. 25, 2004
Description of the tournament system
Okt. 23, 2004
Everythin is new :-)